ZenWalk 5, rebuilded wicd package: wicd-1.4.1

Rebuilded wicd package for ZenWalk5 is available. Download the attached file wicd-1.4.1-noarch-50.1.tgz.

Why upgrade?

SourceForge says:

Wicd-1.3.8 is a test version. Wicd 1.4.1 is a stable version.



Is previous version installed/active use

upgradepkg /path_to_package/wicd-1.4.1-noarch-50.1.tgz


After upgrade quit the activated wicd application and start wicd daemon:

/etc/rc.d/rc.wicd restart

Then start wicd application. The old wicd configuration is activ.

New install

Is a fresh install use

installpkg /path_to_package/wicd-1.4.1-noarch-50.1.tgz


Have fun.

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